Day 5 (morning post)

This morning was pretty good, its possible to actually see growth in the spots now and its also itchy, meaning its growing.

I’m in a really good mood and sorry for the late post I’ve been pretty busy.

Anyways, I’ll talk tonight right now I have a headache

Take care,

Day 4 (night post)

Okay so, its official. I now have 4 patches of alopecia areata on my head. I know I should be down but I’m not actually which is sort of odd.

The scariest thing about this is that if people at school find out…I mean I don’t care if random people see it but I really don’t want to put up with bullying.

There are many methods I could take with my hair one of them being shave it all off, and another being a wig (proper one of course). The shaving idea I’m not too fond of but is probably the more likely one I would pick if it got bad since I think it would be easier to cope with and just like a hair cut people would get used to it but I’m afraid people would think why is someone in their teens bald..? But the wig side would be very embarrassing if it was to come off or someone was to find out so I don’t know if that would be a good way to go..

Anyways, today has been pretty good actually I mean there have been some family issues which I don’t want to write about even if this is anonymous but everything is sorted now. Maybe I will say more in time….and I’m up to 3 followers now I think? Its not many but its amazing to think that three people are listening to what I have to say without judging me or bullying, no accusations so its great..
You are all great, and if you are reading this then you are great too! Yes. You.

So thanks for reading you people out there I’m going to go put some asmr on and head off to sleep! Goodnight!


Day 4 (morning post)

So this morning has been pretty good I guess. Not too much going on really, I have been using this caffeine shampoo which is supposed to stop the hair falling out but I highly doubt that is going to work if I’m honest.

I got 2 more followers since yesterday which brings me up to 3 already! So thank you all and I’ll talk to you later (:



Day 3 (night post)

Before I start off saying anything. I just got my first follower, and that put a smile on my face as soon as I got that notification so thank you Mindset and k have followed you back! 😀

Anyways! Today I discovered that I have slight hair loss towards the back of my hair which isn’t too bad. It actually looks sort of cool..:p so I am not too bothered by this ^^ and I also found something interesting about the medication I am taking.

Let me explain this medication, and why I am using it.

I have been taking L-theanine and lemon balm for stress related issues for about a month now (since I got my alopecia) since its supposed to help with stress. Well how did I come by this L theanine? I was recommended by a family member to go see a herbalist and so I did and he recommended that I take l-theanine as people often associate alopecia with stress…guess what? A side effect of l-theanine is…hair loss! Yes! Hair loss. So I guess that was a waste of £30 and what makes that worse is someone bluntly recommended me something that might actually have a negative impact! And even worse than that that’s £30 of my parents money! Shameful! So I will no longer be taking that, but lemon balm however only has one side effect of sickness and I haven’t experienced any of that so I’m gonna carry on taking that one.

Anyways..goodnight people and thank you again mindset. I will remember you as my first follower for a long time coming.


Day 3 (morning post)

Today I woke up with a load of hair all over my new sheets. Found it almost funny as it sorta looked like my cat had fallen asleep on it. :p

Today is going good so far, so good I almost forgot about posting but hey. I’m here now. Well I still don’t know if anyone is reading this stuff but yeah today is good, I’ll probably post again later today. Bye!


Day 2 (before sleeping)

So today was okay I guess, did some grocery shopping and played a few games. I used toppik when I was out grocery shopping and I may have found another small patch of alopecia..I broke down crying once again..not a very manly thing to do I know but I am past it now.

Hopefully it will all be better soon…been thinking about getting a new haircut that shaves the back of my hair off but I’m not sure how people would take that.

I had bullying problems for years and this alopecia deal isn’t going to help me with that at all, and just as I am starting to build my confidence this comes and burns that to the ground..I am terrified that I am going to end up being bullied again.

Anyways…i’m gonna go listen to some ASMR and sleep.



Day 2

So its afternoon now. More hair fell out this morning, only a few hairs but still saddening…I have to go shopping soon and I will have to spend a little while getting ready with putting my toppik hair fibers on…well. Talk to you all later (if anyone is reading this…)