Day 9(more fell out :c)

Hey everyone.
I have decided that posting twice a day is too much of a commitment and that since I can’t guarantee that I will post twice a day I’m not going too anymore. I will post once a day and if there isn’t a day I can post then I will say why before or asap after that day.

Anyways, today was okay I guess but my alopecia I believe is getting worse. The hair is still falling out, not traumatically but it is undesired nevertheless…it was almost being covered by my hair a day or two ago and now it is half covered so idk what happened but more fell out.

It isn’t much that has fallen out but hey nothing I can do about it. It will have to just run its course. I’m sorry for my late post tonight and I hope I really do hope that if anyone is reading this that you accept my apology. Goodnight everyone.


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