Day 10 (but its growing)

Okay so I actually just realised there has been a fair amount of growth in all the spots of alopecia in my hair. Especially the large one. This is a real big deal to me and I know it wouldn’t be to some people and others will understand but things are looking up!


Day 9(more fell out :c)

Hey everyone.
I have decided that posting twice a day is too much of a commitment and that since I can’t guarantee that I will post twice a day I’m not going too anymore. I will post once a day and if there isn’t a day I can post then I will say why before or asap after that day.

Anyways, today was okay I guess but my alopecia I believe is getting worse. The hair is still falling out, not traumatically but it is undesired nevertheless…it was almost being covered by my hair a day or two ago and now it is half covered so idk what happened but more fell out.

It isn’t much that has fallen out but hey nothing I can do about it. It will have to just run its course. I’m sorry for my late post tonight and I hope I really do hope that if anyone is reading this that you accept my apology. Goodnight everyone.


Day 8

So more hair didn’t fall out yesterday but I completely forgot to come on here and post as I was distracted (by league of legends) straight after

I apologise for the late post though and hello everyone :p. I only just woke up and it was on my mind that I must post so I am before I forget again!

Anyways, there is no visible growth in all of the spots of alopecia on my head and I don’t wanna get too happy about it but its a good sign, and thank you to my followers and everyone who’s viewed the blog I know there aren’t many of you but its nice to know you’re listening. I will try to make sure to post tonight.

Have a nice day,

Day 7

Hello everyone sorry for the late post.

Today so far has been okay and I woke up late so I missed the morning post x). Today has been yet another do nothing day which seems to he happening a lot and I’m also not in the greatest mood.

I have to wash my hair with this caffeine shampoo in a minute which means more hair is likely to fall out..I may do another post after I’m not sure.

Finally, YAY 1 WEEK OF POSTING 😀 thank you for my followers and the like which I received last night and I hope you continue reading and enjoy the blog.

Talk soon,

Day 6 (night post)

Today was alright up until about an hour ago, arguments with people and I think I have a new spot showing, a fifth one already as well as the day that I return to college is approaching.

I also have homework to finish ;-;

Anyways I guess I’m gonna sleep I’m not in the mood to say much and I apologise for that.


Day 6 (morning post) almost been posting a week!

Hey everyone 😀 I now have 4 followers and also been posting almost a week so thank you all (:

I’m feeling good still this morning, still positive and wanting to play some league this morning and talk to a few friends. I hope you are all doing well also and a bigggg thank you to all 4 of my followers. May not sound like many to you but its a nice feeling for me.

I’ll talk to you all later, have a good day or night. (:


Day 5 (night post)

So today was a pretty good day! A few things happened but it was mainly a lazy day for me 😀 (so are a lot of days for me..:p)

I’ll start with the biggest factor! I have hair growth on my largest spot of alopecia! It was itching and I was wondering why and I went to touch it and try to stop itching it and I had thin hair there, like what you get on a baby’s head so that is a positive sign, good chance of it growing back I guess!

Another thing that happened was basically I just sat around playing games, watching movies and talking to my friends! I’ve been playing waaaaay too much league of legends lately (x

Anyways I will see you all tomorrow and hopefully still be in a good mood!